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Etna Volcano Hiking

Hike on the most active volcano in Europe
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Hiking a volcano is an amazing experience.

Enjoy exploring woods, lavic fields, volcanic caves, craters...and the best view of the Ionian Sea landscape!

Experienced guides will drive you through the discovery of powerful nature.

Easy:  4-5 hours


Etna East Volcanic Caves

max 70€/person

Hike into volcanic caves on the Serra delle Concazze ridge with a view over the magnificent Valle del Bove erosional valley


Timparossa Refuge Hut

max 70€/person

Hiking tour from the volcanic desert to the beech forest with its refuge, through the recent lava flow and huge craters


The Big Valley

max 70€/person

Walk to the top of the Schiena dell'Asino ridge over the south side of Valle del Bove with an incredible view of the summit crater

Hard: 7+ hours


The Iced Cave

max 100€/person

A wonderful hike into the most southern glacier of Europe, across wild nature and lavic fields.

The cave is icy all the year

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The Volcanology Station

max 100€/person

Hiking ascent to the observatory at 2800m, in front of the most active Etna's summit crater and above the huge landscape of the sea

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Altomontana Expedition

max 250€/person

3 days walking along the trail that encloses the whole Etna Natural Park, sleeping by the typical mountain huts

Multisport activities

Combine outdoor activities each other for a many days experience.

You will get a special price!

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