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Enjoy Etna slopes in winter by a snowy expedition

When Mount Etna is covered by snow it becames such a magic place.

Enjoy winter landscapes around these beautiful places.

The location will be chosen depending to the snow and weather conditions.

Gallery pictures represent few different sites which are interesting to explore in winter.

Hiking level: easy


4 - 5 hours


  What is included

  • Local expert guide

  • Snowshoes

  • Hiking sticks

  • Speleology helmet (if required)

  What you have to bring

  • Hiking boots

  • Backpack

  • Waterproof jacket, suitable clothing

  • Water, snacks

Site Description

Winter in Sicily is not so cold, but we are lucky to have a big active volcano which every year dresses in white.

You can usually find snow on Etna at middle altitudes in the period between january and march, allowing people to practise skiing and snowshoeing all over the mountain, with reasonable winter temperatures from -4°C to +10°C.

Snow allows people to explore places which are usually impassable as impervious lavic fields, making a soft layer where snowshoes can walk on.

Winter landscapes become amazing among woods and volcanic huge craters, by a really clear view of the sea which surrounds Sicily.

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