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  • The Sea Kayak School MAREMOTU is directed by SOTTOCOSTA teachers. The teaching method is established by the Instruction National Committee (CNI) and the following sequence of courses is suggested by our school:

    A - Fundamentals: is a class for who have few or no experience about kayak, for paddlers that want to refresh or improve their technic after have used sit-on-top or very large and stable kayaks. All the class will be used kayaks without a spray-skirt.

    B - Coast Exscursions I: same technics of maneuver and propulsion of the first class but will be used the spray skirt and the brace and steering by edging the boat will be introduced.

    C - Rescues: here will be learned how to restart and climb over the kayak after a capsize and how to help other kayakers in trouble.

    D - Coast Exscursions II: the conduction of a kayak and bracing in a more challenging sea conditions.

    E - Eskimo Roll: this class is entirely dedicated to the maneuver that allows a kayaker to gain the initial position after an involuntary capsize, without exit the kayak.
    F - Surf and waves: everything about the best way to negotiate landing and launching into the surf, a step towards fun into the waves!

    G - Navigation and Meteorology: orientation, using GPS, reading the stars, nautical charts and topographic maps, in order to organize excursions and travels; weather forecasts, winds, currents.

    H - Greenland techniques: for experienced paddlers who want to know more about culture and traditional technics of Inuit people, discovering thirty way to execute an eskimo roll.