Experienced and certified paddlers will escort you and will teach the technics of sea kayaking, from "how to start" to rolls and surfing waves.
Our staff is able to guide you thanks to his high knowledges of the places, from the anatomy of the coasts to the history of the country. At Sea Kayak Sicily courtesy, skills and a sea of passion are the essential tools for both guides and instructors.

Francesco Petralia
FICT Sea Kayak
Instructor and Guide
FICK Sea Kayak Master
Guides & Instructors Coach
UISP Sea Kayak Instructor
BCU 4 Star Leader

Francesco Petralia is a well known kayaker in Italy for the circumnavigation of the biggest Mediterranean Islands and for the 2008 expedition "Around Highlands" in Scotland.
The coasts of Sicily have no secrets for him that well knows stories, legends and the geology of his land. Knowledge of the sea and experience in sailing navigation makes his courses a perfect school to learn sea kayaking skills.
Giuseppe Di Mauro
FICT Sea Kayak Instructor
FICK Sea Kayak Master
UISP Sea Kayak Instructor
BCU 3 Star Sea Kayak
(4 Star Leader Training)

Since his birth Peppe always lived between kayaks because his father owned a kayak factory.
Actually he direct the business and to better understand what he was building he introduced himself to sea kayaking skills until he become an Instructor and Master.
Gianfranco Liotta
BCU 3 Star Sea Kayak
(4 Star Leader Training)

Fine paddler who loves to travel and explore, with an avid interest on languages. Alpinist, ex-professional photographer and designer, no limit sailing and motor boat licence, is now involved on guiding groups in sea and mountains.

FICT: Federazione Italiana Canoa Turistica
FICK: Federazione Italiana Canoa Kayak
UISP: Unione Italiana Sport Per tutti
BCU: British Canoe Union
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