Sea kayak courses skills & awards

Sea Kayak Courses

Courses are organized during all of four seasons, from beginner levels to advanced paddlers.
The aim of our courses is to give to the paddler the tool to navigate safely: fundamentals, rescues, navigation and meteorology. Additional classes are the Roll and Surf. Courses can be organized with a minimum of two students.

Pagaia Azzurra and EPP awards

The Italian canoe & kayak Federation coaching system is called Pagaia Azzurra.
We can deliver the first four levels and the candidate who will do the exam for his level will receive a card/award recognized in all European countries into the EPP framework.

  • Sea Kayak Level 1 (equivalent to level 1 EPP)
  • Sea Kayak Level 2 (equivalent to level 2 EPP)
  • Sea Kayak Level 3 (equivalent to level 3 EPP)
  • Sea Kayak Level 4 (equivalent to level 4 EPP)
  • Rolling Lessons (Greenland or Europe blade)
  • Surf and Waves (landing and launching)