Maremotu CLUB Association

A.S.D. Maremotu

From 2005, Maremotu Association promotes the sports and the culture of the outdoor in Sicily, for a land and above all a sea & shore fruition through a safe and low impact tourism, with the aim of spreading the knowledge and the respect of the natural environments.


Anyone can become a member, it's enough to choose the activity, filling up a form, paying the annual fee and providing a medical certificate.
Read and download the following documents if you want to join us!

Annual meeting (Catania)
Zingaro reserve excursion (Trapani)
Zingaro reserve excursion (Trapani)
Zingaro reserve excursion (Trapani)
Zingaro reserve excursion (Trapani)
San Vito Lo Capo trip (Trapani)
Swimming pool rolling lessons (Catania)
Portella Ginestra (Palermo)
Mondello (Palermo)
Volcano island campsite (Messina)
Punta Mola (Siracusa)
Ortigia (Siracusa)
Timpa di Acireale (Catania)
Stazzo (Catania)
Palma di Montechiaro (Agrigento)
Scala dei Turchi (Agrigento)
San Leone (Agrigento)
Punta Bianca (Agrigento)
Plemmirio (Siracusa)
Plemmirio pic-nic (Siracusa)
Favignana island (Trapani)
Favignana island (Trapani)
Favignana island (Trapani)
Milazzo (Messina)
Capo Milazzo campsite (Messina)
Sampieri (Ragusa)
Capo Peloro (Messina)
Cava D'Aliga (Ragusa)
Castelluccio (Siracusa)
Brucoli (Siracusa)
Scopello (Trapani)
Isola delle Correnti campsite (Siracusa)
Isola delle Correnti (Siracusa)
Punta Formiche (Siracusa)
Punta Formiche (Siracusa)
Washing equipment (Ragusa)